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Olivia Wilde clears up ‘spitgate’ and makes an important point

Olivia Wilde clears up 'spitgate' and makes an important point

Olivia Wilde, director of the psychological thriller don’t worry darling was watching The late show with Stephen Colbert Last night we discussed what has probably been the talk of the town for months: the antics and rumors surrounding the film’s cast.

Colbert reached out to Wilde to ask her about these rumors. As a refresher, the film was full of drama from the get-go, including production mishaps and questions about frosty on-set relationships. But at the premiere in Venice it got really exciting – at least that’s what the internet thought. A Video of Harry Styles allegedly spitting at his castmate Chris Pine went viral, and the incident was quickly dubbed “Spitgate.”

So of course Colbert had to inquire about this series of strange events. Wilde’s answer?

“It’s a perfect example of that — people are going to look for drama wherever they can,” she said, laughing. “Harry actually didn’t spit at Chris.”

After clearing things up, she made an important point: as a director, she was subjected to this series of questions, and her film was turned into a meme-ifed spectacle.

“I don’t feel like my fellow male directors answer questions about their cast,” Wilde said. The crowd cheered, and Colbert enthusiastically agreed, “These aren’t questions to ask a director.”

Of course, the biggest benefit will be further confirmation that Spitgate is an invention. But the more important issue that sits at the heart of this saga is exactly what Wilde explained. A director should be given the opportunity to leave her work as it is.

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