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Adelaide resident uncovers secret burglar code after finding mysterious markings on his home

A concerned homeowner noticed three different types of markings that had

Unusual markings on houses in Australia reveal a “secret code used by burglars”.

  • Four parallel lines and the letters ‘NT’ were scrawled on a plot of land in Adelaide
  • The concerned homeowner said the mysterious markings “surfaced overnight”.
  • Reddit users agreed that the markers were secret code for would-be thieves

A homeowner has uncovered a “secret code used by burglars” after mysterious black markings were found on houses in an Australian neighbourhood.

An Adelaide resident sounded the alarm after noticing two types of markings appearing “overnight” in three different areas of her property – the fence, the gutter pipe and the back entrance of her home.

The affected homeowner shared images of the markings on Reddit on Sunday, showing two parts of the house marked with four straight parallel lines and another part of the house marked with the letters “NT.”

A concerned homeowner noticed three different types of markings that had

A concerned homeowner noticed three different types of markings that had “appeared overnight” on her property in Adelaide (pictured).

her fence, gutter

Two parts of the resident’s home were marked with four straight parallel lines (pictured), which Reddit users ranked as potential thief code and revealed the number of days the home had been monitored

They noted that similar markings were spotted on both corner houses and on mailboxes on their block, with one house marked with an “s.”

The resident asked Reddit users for help solving the mystery and asked if it could be part of a code used by burglars.

“Found these markers on our fence and back entrance,” the resident wrote.

‘They showed up overnight. Throughts? Could the house be marked for a burglary?

The homeowner explained the markers weren’t easy to find, as they walked past them a number of times before noticing them.

‘Our house entrance is covered by a high fenced garden. You can’t enter the front door from the street,” they wrote.

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“You have to use a gate (where the markers are). The back entrance is not fenced and accessible.

“The four impact points at the back entrance were in the only visible, but not entirely obvious place.

“Those were the last ones we found. We passed them several times without seeing them.’

Reddit users chimed in the debate that the markings were made by a graffiti artist in the area, an explanation hastily dismissed.

The homeowner also found the letters

The homeowner also found the letters “NT” on his property (pictured). Reddit users confirmed that the letters indicated the property had no security and “posed no threat” to a burglar

Burglar’s secret markings decoded

The resident found three types of markings on his property and on other homes in the neighborhood.

Reddit users agreed that the markers were a secret code used by would-be thieves. Here’s what they mean:

Parallel lines: The number of days the object was observed

NT: No threat. The property does not have a dog or security system

S: Property has security

However, other users were quick to agree that the markings were code for would-be thieves in the area.

“People trying to break into your property. NT = no threat, S = security,” wrote one user.

“The marks are usually the number of days they’ve watched your apartment / how many times you use an entrance in a day.”

Another user confirmed: “NT means “No Threat” as you have no security. It is best to remove the markings as soon as possible.

The homeowner reported the markers to police after more were found on other homes and a tree on the block.

South Australian Police urged anyone finding similar markings to come forward and report it.

“If this has happened, we would encourage anyone who finds suspicious markings on their property or sees anyone acting suspiciously in the area to contact police and report the matter,” South Australia Police said.

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